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Sample questions from Badger State Learning courses.

A sheet metal enclosure must not be less than ______ thick if a machine screw type fastener of the 10-32 size is used to connect an equipment grounding conductor to the enclosure.
a. 1/32 in.
b 1/16 in.
c 3/32 in.
d 1/8 in.

Ground Fault. An unintentional, electrically conducting connection between an ungrounded conductor of an electrical circuit and the normally non-current carrying conductors, metallic enclosures, metallic raceways, metallic equipment , or earth.


Using Table 250.3, if the equipment is a solar photovoltaic system you would find additional grounding and bonding requirements in section(s) _______.

All courses are either True/False, Multiple Choice or Fill in the Blank.

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