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2017 NEC Articles 500-590 / CEU's 3.0

Cost: $29.00

2017 NEC Articles 500-590       

State of Wisconsin: Course ID number: 19567    Expiration Date: 1/23/2028
Approved by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services for the following credential types;


               3.0                         Registered/Beginner Electrician Registration
               3.0                         Commercial Electrical Inspector Certification
               3.0                         Industrial Journeyman Electrician License
               3.0                         Journeyman Electrician License
               3.0                         Master Electrician License  
               3.0                         Residential Journeyman Electrician License
               3.0                         Residential Master Electrician License
               3.0                         UDC-Electrical Inspector Certification

Please note: This course may not be retaken for credit more than once during the 1-, 2- or 4-year term of a specific credential.

Badger State Learning


Course Description
This course covers Articles 500 thru 590 of the 2017 NEC in depth by presenting a preparatory and engaging set of questions in a successful classroom tested format. This course will challenge and further advance an individual’s knowledge of national electrical code compliance for continued use on the job when performing residential, commercial or industrial work at levels from journeyman electrician to electrical inspector. These articles provide the foundation for successful use and application of the NEC in everyday electrical work and in achieving a better understanding of the NEC.

Course Outline

2017 National Electrical Code covering Articles 500-590

Articles cover: Special Occupancies

Required Book: 2017 National Electrical Code

Course length: 3 credit hours

Article 500-590 length of time: estimated 3.2 hours

Test consists of: 80 Multiple Choice Questions, 20 True or False Questions for 100 Total Questions that requires 70% correctly answered in order to receive credit.


 Your time is spent on learning not looking for that hard to find code article, as a result you will quickly learn and master it.


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